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Teenage Girl Gets Shot Then Goes Live on Facebook

Social Media Trolls her for Facebook Post, Some Judgmental, Some Mean, Some Nice

Unless you were under a rock yesterday, then you definitely saw a 17-year-old girl film herself on Facebook’s livestream feature moments after she was shot three times while in a Burger King Drive through in Opa-locka.

No news reports were able to explain the motives of the heinous attack, which left Donesha Gantt, her mom and another female passenger wounded; however, the court of social media had plenty to say on what they thought about the unfortunate ordeal.

I have no public opinion about the shooting except that I hope this young lady and her mom pulls through and that life gets better for her from here on out.

But just in case you didn’t get a chance to see what happened on social media, we’ve provided you with a quick run down so you can feel the up and down emotions we experienced watching this all unfold. Please let us know what you thought of this event. Would you film a critical moment if you thought you may pass away?

SN: I’ll be writing about how some news outlets refereed to Donesha as a woman. Since when did 17-year-olds become classified as women? It bothers me when black kids are made to seem as adults, rather they’re at fault or not. It’s deeper than rap, but  I’ll break that down for yall another day. 

Video Donesha posted after being shot 3 times

Pic of WPLG Channel 10 Coverage


Here’s a link to their story so you can read in detail what happened:

But she seemed to be ’bout that life (previous posts by her)


And some had some not-so-nice things to say about what happened



 shot 4

Some gave commentary, myself included


Girl thoughtByrd thoughtjt thoughtMo thought dede thought


However, many had positive things to post


Donesha finally gave the news we all wanted to know



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