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Why is chasing your dreams so dang hard?

This is hard. Like no seriously, this shit is hard. (Excuse my French, God ain’t through with me yet.) What ‘ish am I talking about? This. What you’re reading today. What you’ve taken time out of your busy schedule to look at (And I sincerely thank you for that.)

But working towards producing blog/ news site is tough as nails. Some days I want to stop. Some days I want to cry. Some days I do cry. Lol. But this idea, this passion won’t go away. And y’all want to know a secret? I actually love writing and producing content for you guys. I had such a blast writing the pieces I’ve written so far. (FEEL FREE TO READ AROUND  AND CATCH UP).

I just want you guys to know that I haven’t forgotten about you all. I haven’t started this and now I’m abandoning it. I know some people are wondering why I’ve been seemingly absent. I really wish this was something I could do full time because there’s a need and want for it. So many people reached out to me and thanked me for wanting to start this kind of site that will highlight and profile who and what’s happening in their community.

I just ask that y’all bear with me. I ask that y’all keep praying for me. I pray that y’all keep supporting it. I’ve had some really tough personal matters to deal with and I had to put this on hold (Later on I’ll tell that story).

My dream is to have this as a source of local news that features content that’s not crime and corruption. I feel that every black community in America needs this kind of publication that will produce content tailored to their community. And that’s my plan and I will do it. But right now, it Is tough getting started and building. However, I will not give up.

Thank you to everyone who’s been encouraging me and lifting me up with your positivity. Special shout out to my mother Velveeta Tate (yes like the cheese, shut up. Lol). She’s my biggest cheerleader and my biggest fan. She supports me when I’m doing well and checks me when I’m off track. I know she may not fully understand why I chose to do things certain ways, but she trusts and prays with and for me through the process.

I just wanted to give you guys a little snippet on why I’ve been MIA. But I’m back, really mentally I never left. I also had to go to the drawing board and figure out a posting schedule that will work with my full time job. Doing this independently and all my by myself is much different than being a full time reporter with a supporting staff that will co-anchor stories, edit, and post the articles for you. That is what I’m use to. And please feel free to refer me to web developers who can assist me with building a website. I know mine needs works. Lol.

Love you guys for reading and taking this journey with me. 😉

Written by: Janey Tate, Editor- In-Chief

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