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The Girl Talk Series to Air Shows Honoring Women’s History Month

This March in honor of Women’s History Month, Modish Affairs Magazine with host The Girl Talk Series. The webisodes will show group discussions about female empowerment and maneuvering the professional world while also maintaining a healthy relationship with your mate. The first webisode of the Women Empowerment series will air March 9th.

Every week the shows will be posted to The Girl Talk Series Facebook page via their Youtube Channel.

The creator of the series, Vanessa Charles who’s also a Miami Gardens native, spoke to us about the series and what women will gain from watching.

“We will bring up those taboo conversations, but they will be geared more towards success,” said Charles.

She said the series will delve into topics like handling the pressure of being more successful than your mate or making more money than him.

Each discussion will also have a man on the panel to give the male perspective. The panel will include regional business owners, corporate figures and media professionals.

For Charles, The Girl Talk Series is for all women of all backgrounds. She says we can learn from each other and help each other succeed, especially in male driven industries.

“We don’t have to tear each other down. It’s about empowerment,” said Charles. “No matter the race, we all can learn from women who have paved the way.”

Vanessa Charles is the Editor-N-Chief of Modish Affairs magazine, For more information, check out The Girl Talk Series page on Facebook.

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