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Florida Senator, Shevrin Jones, Embarks on a Statewide Tour of all 12 Public Universities

Florida Senator Shevrin Jones (SD-35) announced a statewide tour of Florida’s 12 public universities over the coming weeks. The tour is essential as we navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It allows engaging university leaders across the state and hear from them directly ahead of the fall semester.

“As we battle a global pandemic amidst a far-reaching movement for social justice, higher education leaders face critical decisions. They are expected to move quickly, with imperfect information, leading to missteps with lasting consequences,” said Jones in a statement.

“Everyone ultimately wants students, faculty, staff, families, and community members to stay healthy and safe. Decisions now will impact everyone, not just Florida students, and campus leaders must create plans and protocols rooted in inclusion. That’s how we will resiliently emerge from this moment, stronger and truly ready for the future.”

Jones said he looks forward to meeting with leaders across the state to hear about their concerns and strategies heading into the fall.

Check out pics from some of Senator Jones’ visits so far.

A complete list of university meeting dates is below:

●       Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

○   Monday, August 2nd

●       Florida Atlantic University

○   Tuesday, July 20th

●       Florida Gulf Coast University

○   Thursday, July 13th

●       Florida International University

○   Wednesday, August 18th

●       Florida Polytechnic University

○   Tuesday, July 21st

●       Florida State University

○   Tuesday, August 3rd

●       New College of Florida

○   Tuesday, July 29th

●       University of Florida

○   Tuesday, August 10th

●       University of South Florida

○   Wednesday, July 28th

●       University of West Florida

○   Wednesday, August 4th

●       University of North Florida

○   Date: To Be Announced

●       University of Central Florida

○   Date: To Be Announced

This is a Hy-Lo News Staff Report. Article edited by Hy-Lo News Contributor Jane Payne.

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