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Blooming Names: A Flower Memorial Honoring Black Lives

Hy-Lo News Staff Report

In the midst of nation-wide, racial unjust, O, Miami and the Opa-Locka Community Corporation (OLCDC) team up to create a safe place for community healing.

The Flower Memorial Project honors the lives of Black people killed by police officers, and serves as a therapeutic space right in the center of historic Opa-Locka neighborhood, the Triangle.

Blooming Names will be a temporary flower sculpture displayed for public viewing on the weekend of October 2nd. Residents are encouraged to exchange floral pieces from the sculpture with mementos commemorating their lost loved ones.

With the help of local artists and art therapists, the project also offers community participation through three online workshops open to families with children ages 8 and up.

“This project will be recreated across different neighborhoods in Miami,” said La’Queasha Beard, Marketing and Community Outreach Coordinator for the Opa-Locka Community Corporation.

“It is a revolutionary act of remembering – in naming – our people and our stories.”

For more details and to sign up for workshops, visit


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