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#EATBRO Movement Encourages Us to Eat At Black Restaurants Often

Hy-Lo News Staff Report

“Eat AT Black Restaurants Often” or #EATBRO is an intentional, cultural shift of Black dining dollars. EATBRO, which is an effort created by culinary professionals and community members, goals are to promote Black restaurants, be a resource for restaurants to build and expand, and be a pillar in eliminating the stigma of service in Black owned restaurants.

Organizers are encouraging others to use specific hashtags to promote Black owned business and talk about improving the Black owned dinning experiences. The #eatbro hashtag will be used to promote the cause, and restaurants. The #TellEatBRO should be used when customers have a positive or negative experience with a Black Owned restaurants. Also, use #TellEatBro on social media when you have an issue that is not resolved. The #wheredidyoueattoday hashtag can be used to show off your meal that you purchased from a Black owned restaurant and encourage others to do the same.

The group, which has a Facebook group to build community and engagement, will also provide resources for restaurants looking to establish a customer service process as well as their internal restaurant systems,processes — from supplier to prep sheets.

“EATBRO is not only a movement for our people, it is a resource for restaurant owners, chefs, food trucks, and more,” said Felicia Martin, one of the organizers.  “It is a 360 dedication to Black Restaurant success.”

EATBRO is hosting a virtual event on July 17th at 7pm called “Eat Up.” They’re going to have a DJ, a comedian, dinner and a show all via Zoom. For more information follow the group on Facebook at EATBRO.

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4 comments on “#EATBRO Movement Encourages Us to Eat At Black Restaurants Often

  1. This is so important, I remember growing up there were many black owned stores of every type & that slowly disappeared until it seemed black owners just gave up or sold out for some reason. If they were strongly supported on a regular basis this shouldn’t happen because as a people we spend a great deal.. & economic power is something all races understand, so let’s show them our power & make our own community thrive.

  2. Christie

    Before these most recent events against people of African descent, I rarely questioned or paid close attention to where I spent my money. But through educational resources like #EATBRO I really am paying attention. I actually asked the cashier (a young lady of African descent) about the owner of her store located in the Lauderhill mall. After being informed that the owner was not of African descent, I politely paid for my bag and decided that was the last purchase from that store. I am so pleased that you take the time to pass on the information that I find on your Facebook group. Thank you for the work you put in to this movement to suppprt Black owned businesses.

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