By Janey Tate

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve needed something from the beauty supply store (Or hair store as I call it), but didn’t feel like going or it was after store operation hours, and wished you could have it delivered right to you. There are two South Florida based tech companies that are taking on that problem and giving us a solution with on demand beauty supply delivery. Similar to how Uber Eats and Postmates work for food delivery, WaySlay and Beauty Supply Express will deliver your items right to your door.

About Beauty Supply Express

Beauty Supply Express is the creation of Brook Williams, a Millennial Black woman, who wanted to provide a delivery solution for beauty items. Beauty Supply Express, which also goes by the name BSExpress, is a platform based in Miami which delivers hair extensions and beauty products from local beauty stores and local vendors. Brook Williams laid the foundation of this platform in 2016, and services officially started in 2017. BSXpress services Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

Brook Williams, Founder and CEO of Beauty Supply Express.

“I was running late to my hair appointment and I needed my hair done before I flew out of town. I searched everywhere for the hair I needed and after 3 hours of being late to my appointment, my stylist canceled,” said Williams. “Every woman has felt this type of disappointment. I love to order takeout from an app so much I stated to myself, why can’t my hair be delivered? I needed more time in the day. As a single mother of 2, I developed BSExpress to be a single mothers extra hand.”

About WaySlay

When innovative entrepreneurs Mike James and Ian Grant II realized a recurring theme – That black consumers are often left out of the tech revolution – they decided to take it upon themselves to change that. Their first target in closing the digital divide was addressing the lack of on-demand access to beauty products. This led to the creation of their on-demand, beauty delivery marketplace, WaySlay.

“Convenience is key these days,” said Grant II, Co-Founder of WaySlay. “People can open the app, find a nearby beauty supply store, and select the items they want delivered.”

WaySlay is an on-demand delivery app that gives customers the ability to order items such as hair, makeup, nails, styling products, and more. The items are then delivered to your door within an hour. WaySlay launched this month and some of their service areas include Liberty City, Coconut Grove, Downtown Miami, Wynwood, Edgewater/Midtown, Brickell, Lil Haiti. Visit their site for a full list of service areas.

“WaySlay’s launch is the first step for integrating new technology within the beauty industry”, said James, Co-founder of WaySlay. WaySlay is dedicated to becoming a leader in mobile beauty supply e-commerce and on-demand delivery.

Opportunities for Retail locations who want to partner with Beauty Supply Express and WaySlay

By partnering with the best beauty supply stores, WaySlay provides consumers an e-commerce experience that offers a wide selection of beauty products – without having to make the trip to the beauty supply store. WaySlay provides beauty suppliers with access to a delivery fleet made up of over 500k drivers in 3,500 cities. WaySlay is available on both iOS and Android.  Beauty suppliers interested in partnering with WaySlay can sign up at by clicking here.

BSExpress is now offering an opportunity to the local vendors and wholesalers to join their platform without violating the COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing laws. They ensure the safety of each customer. Many salons and hair stylists are giving their services by appointment only. BSExpress stands at the forefront of this demand and urges local beauty stores and vendors to join them in getting more customers their products. Sign up now on their partner portal to setup your client profiles.

Visit their websites for more information on Beauty Supply Express and WaySlay. To download the WaySlay app click here: iOS and Android and use this code “WaySlay10” for a discount.

Article written by Janey Tate. Follow Hy-Lo News Editor-in-Chief on Twitter @Janey_TateFacebook and Instagram.  

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