A new leadership summit is aiming to strengthen Black Economics in Miami. The Circle Of Entertainment and The Circle Of Chances is hosting The 10,000 Strong Black Economic Leadership Summit Miami. The event, which is a partnership with Fantasy Theatre Factory, takes place March 28th from 6p.m.-12a.m.

“Imagine Black Businesses supporting each other and creating a stable economy within our community,” said Anthony Blackman, one of the event’s organizers. “This night will be Miami’s most important gathering of Black Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Liberty City.

It’s about community control of our wealth. It’s about business.”

Blackman said this will be one evening of dynamic black leaders and entrepreneurs from different industries coming together to share their best business practices so they can empower the community economically. After the panel discussion there will be a comedy show, music concert, and networking mix & mingle event.

Their mission is to create an environment of black leaders from all over the world who can combine their resources to ensure that a strong economic system is created to empower our community. People should expect an evening of Black Professional panelists  who are dedicated to working on our community solution of economic inclusion and independence. 

The event organizers hope that people leave this summit with the mindset to support Black businesses, build and do business with one another. They also aim to encourage the youth through entrepreneurship opportunities and training. 

“Our goal is to get 10,000 established and/or aspiring entrepreneurs to look at our community through an economic lens and begin to pool our resources as a corporation and begin to build generational wealth,” said Blackman.

Check out what Miami Commissioner Keon Hardemon had to say about the 10,000 Strong Black Leadership Summit Miami.

General Admission tickets are $25 and VIP Tickets: $40. To purchase your tickets call 305-284-8872, visit www.sandrellriverstheater.com or click here.

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