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Flourish Media Conference Offers Platform For Women Entrepreneurs To Take Action in their Business

Women Empowerment Conference Equips Attendees To Pursue and Take Action On Their Journey While networking with a global audience of successful achievers

Behind the Leaf and the co-founders of Flourish Media Conference invite you to join them for a gathering that is so much more than a conference. The 4th annual Flourish Media Conference offers Line-up outstanding speakers and panelists who are blazing a trail of transformation, empowerment, and entrepreneurship. The two-day conference will take place Friday, February 21, and Saturday, February 22, 2020, at the Ampersand Studio located at 31 NE 17th St, Miami, FL 33132.

The share of business owners launching startups has risen dramatically from about 23 percent in 1996 to 40 percent in 2015. This annual conference is for women who desire to move with purpose, willing to roll up their sleeves, step out with courage, and use their creativity.

This year the theme for the 4th annual Flourish Media Conference is “Take Action.” The conference will provide valuable takeaways and gems to help navigate the journey to success. Flourish Media’s vibrant group of innovators will share in group lectures led by industry professionals. VIP attendees have two hours to get up close & personal with private investors, banks, and venture capitalists. The conference provides access to 15 million dollars. 80% of the women business owners who have pitched at previous conferences walked away with support. In addition, this is the only business conference where attendees are entered into a $1,000 small business grant, funded by the conference speakers.

Photo Credit: Flourish Media

The keynote speakers and panels that have been assembled by the Flourish Media Conference team includes women visionaries, entrepreneurs, business builders, and brands driving a new era of women-focused business and whose conversations will be instrumental in helping the industry leverage what motivates you to create an authentic business. Confirmed speakers and panelists include: Claire Sulmers and Jessie Woo, Nicole Roberts Jones, Felicia Kelly, Adrian Jefferson Chofor, Ash Johns, Christine Seibold, Tamara Zantell, Alycia Huston, Gabriela Guzman, LeKeisha Grant, Ariane Fonseca, Dr. Kalie Judge, Kiaundra Jackson, Dr. Chelsea Drda, Gelsandra Guzman, Lauren Marsicano, Olivia Owens, Tianna Robinson, Sharee James and Dethra Giles.

“I wish when I was growing my business, there was a Flourish Media Conference. A place I can meet and chat with peers about the ups and downs of being a business owner. We created FMC because we wanted to give women an equal opportunity to funding and a safe place to ask questions and be respected.” said Sasha Revolus- co-founder of the Flourish Media Conference.

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