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Spotlight Q&A with Art Africa Miami’s featured Artist Anthony Burks Sr.

Fine Artist and native Floridian, Anthony Burks Sr., is the most unique and prolifically conceptual in both fine and commercial arts. He works in numerous forms of media of freehand art including pen & ink, pastels, watercolor and color pencil.

His work will be featured in the Art Africa Miami Exhibit this Art Basel Week and he told us all about it. 

Hy-Lo News: What Does Your Artwork Represent?

Anthony Burks Sr: Natural Beauty/ONE LOVE series of works. Both series come from my personal connections to the individuals I come in contact with the communities I interact with. These include county, city, artists, and even social media. I have to feel that connection to be able to execute these portraits.

In my culture, women are a representation of the Queens in our world. I want to express that level of respect in this body of work. The natural beauties are the queens, and the one loves are the kings.

The butterflies are symbolic of beauty in nature as a whole. Almost every female expressed their favorite color to me so that it can be incorporated into the work. I then research a butterfly that possesses that color. The features of the women have been created in charcoal, expressing that each female figure is beautiful just the way they are. Unlike the butterfly, there is no need for color to show the female’s beauty.

HLN: How do you get started with a concept or design?

ABS: This is a God-given gift, My heart to paper.

HLN: What inspires you?

ABS: Life.

HLN: What do you feel has been your most significant achievement as a professional artist?

ABS: I have one of my pieces in the permanent collection at The Bailey Hall at Broward College Davie, Fl.

HLN: Can you see the finished product in your mind before you begin to work on it? 


Anthony Burks Sr.

Location for this year’s Art Africa Miami Fair-Plaza at the Lyric- 919 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL, 33136

Public Hours: Wednesday, December 4th-8th, Noon-7pm, and Sunday, December 8th, Noon-5pm. 

For more information visit www.artafricamiamifair.com https://www.artafricamiamifair.com/

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