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Art Africa Miami Artist Miles Regis Shares His Creative Process; How He Never Doubted His Talent

In the life and studio of LA-based, Trinidad-born artist Miles Regis, every action is an opportunity for creative self-expression. Prolific in both fine art art and fashion design, Regis freely swaps the materials and languages of each to enrich the other. His large-scale mixed media paintings on canvas and linen incorporate dimensional collage elements of denim, buttons, leather, printed matter, sequins, and patches of eclectically sourced found textiles along with his dexterous, gestural, richly hued abstract and figurative painting techniques. Aggressively hopeful and humanistic, Regis embraces a storytelling stance in his stylized renditions of fundamental scenes of love, loss, freedom, survival, activism, and living history.

Regis gave us an in depth interview about his creative process and what he hopes people come away with after seeing his work this year during the Art Africa Miami exhibit. You can see his work now through December 8th.

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Hy-Lo News: Why are you excited about being a part of this year’s Art Africa Miami?

Miles Regis: It is such an honor to be participating again. It is always so important for me to be able to share my expressions with a new audience. Every year Art Africa affords me such an opportunity. I make some incredible connections with amazing people from all over the world. This is something I truly cherish.

HLN: What does a typical day in your life look like?

M.R: There is no typical day for me. The one constant is taking my teenage kids to and from school. Other than that, it varies. I could spend the day creating in my studio space or in and out of scheduled meetings. Some days I am on the computer applying for grants or sometimes stretching canvas and packaging for shipping. I love that no two days are ever the same.

HLN: What was the most memorable piece of art you’ve ever seen?

M.R: There are a couple of pieces I have done during rather painful times that come to mind. Losing loved ones can be rough, and there are a couple of paintings I did that really helped me cope with the loss. Those are the most memorable.

HLN: Have you ever doubted your talent, and how did you work through your doubts?

M.R: Never! I always remained excited about creating and discovering what is next for me.

HLN: Can you see the finished product in your mind before you begin to work on it?

M.R: I sometimes do. My creative process typically starts with an idea of what I feel the end result should look like, but I have learned that you have to let the spirit take over and guide you. So I remain open to where the experience leads me.

HLN: What is the best advice that you have been given creatively?

M.R: Don’t ever stop! I was also once told by a wise older man that every aspect of your day influences your expression. Every second of your life counts towards your work. For example, your time reading at a magazine stand is to be considered as your research time. I try to remember that every life experience honestly does inform the process.

HLN: What do you hope people will get out of seeing your work?

M.R: A reaction. A feeling. And hopefully, a positive feeling resonates. Ultimately one of hope and love! I intend to get at least someone thinking with some of the work. I hope my work at least offers an interesting perspective.

HLN: What are some of your favorite things to do in Miami?

M.R: Visit my family and friends who live here. I love spending time with my three-year-old niece, Zania, as well as my aunts and uncles, and my cousins. I absolutely love the beach and being able to access all of the various cultural things I can experience here. I love having Trinidadian food. There are some good spots for that here in Miami. Another favorite is South Beach. I love the night-life in South Beach and Soho House is also a favorite.

HLN: Favorite Restaurant in Miami?

M.R: I enjoy a good meal at Soho House, and LC Roti is always a must when I visit. Favorite Art Gallery/Museum in Miami I love the program over at The Perez Art Museum in Miami. Franklin Sirmans is doing an amazing job.

Location for this year’s Art Africa Miami Fair– Plaza at the Lyric- 919 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33136

Public Hours: Wednesday, December 4th-8th, Noon-7pm, and Sunday, December 8th, Noon-5pm. 

For more information visit

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