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My First LGBTQ Event was Dope; Sweet Heat Miami Festival Did That!

This year I attended my very first LGBTQ festival and it was lit! The event was Sweet Heat Miami and it took place May 15th-20th on Miami Beach. The curator of more than 20 events over this 6 day festival that draws 40,000 women from all over the world, is Miami native and nationally known vibes creator, DJ Dimples. (SN: DJ Dimples needs to give us girls some hair tips. Her mane is glorious, thick and full. Like are you using juices and berries?)

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How cute is this lol catch me May 15-20th djaying @sweetheatmiami ! Can’t wait to see all my beautiful people. I have more surprises 👅😜😬 #sweetheatmiami #djdimples #2flyent book tickets now at

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I originally connected with DJ Dimples two years ago when I was soliciting her to buy radio ads for her ever growing event. She didn’t see the need to invest in that form of marketing when her event has been growing organically via social media for the past 12 years. But we did keep in touch over Instagram and this year I saw her poster and thought to myself “I have to finally check out her events because they always look like fun.”

Check out some pics below to see the lituation I’m referring to.

I’m always open to go to a new event or have new experiences to see what it’s about. Also I saw a successful event being done by a Black woman, and I’m all about supporting black girl magic and entrepreneurship. When I met DJ Dimples at the opening night party, I had a little bit of a fan-girl moment. lol. She was hella cool and recognized me from IG. I had previously spoke to her about doing coverage of the festival, and she was gracious enough to give me a VIP all access pass to Miami’s Pride for Women.

When I say the Sweet Heaters can party, they can party. But that definitely was in part to the DJs. They were a group of badass women mixers who kept the party going including DJ Traci Steele, Ari the DJ, DJ Reese, DJ Lisa Monet, DJ Queen of Spades, DJ Whitney, DJ SHAAA, DJ Spinelli and of course DJ Dimples. I especially loved the DJ sets at Cameo during the pajama party. I mean someone did a mix with Luther and Whitney Houston, so the R&B Super fan in me was super pleased.

The pic Below is from the night of the Pajama Party. 😉

Even though my too-old-to-hang self tapped out at three events, it was cool to see that all the attendees got their money’s worth.

Also, when I go out to parties I like to keep count of how many “hollas” I can get just for shits and giggles because now I have a boyfriend and can’t do anything with them. I must have a hetero-radar on because literally no one hit on me. I must not be lesbian cute. It’s fine. Myself esteem is back in tact ladies. lol.

However, I will like to note that this was a highly successful mainly Hip-Hop event with a large Millennial crowd that had zero incidents. It was the definition of good vibes only. They should give the guys from Rolling Loud a few tips.

And the events weren’t all parties. There were networking mixers, a vendor village, speed dating and yoga! Yes Yoga! DJ Dimples is clearly about balance. Check out the instructor @FlowwJ0

The event was so good that even Emmy winner Lena Waithe gave them a shout out during her time hosting the Jimmy Kimmel show. Waithe was the host of the Sweet Gala, which was one of the three events I attended.

Next year when you see Sweet Heat Miami roll around, check out an event or two, you will be in for a good time, with beautiful black women, great music and of course tons of positivity. I salute you DJ Dimples for showing us how it’s done.

Check out some highlights from the events courtesy the Sweet Heat Facebook Page.

For more information on Sweet Heat click here or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

This opinion piece was written by Janey Tate, Editor-In-Chief for Hy-Lo News. You can follow her on Twitter @Janey_Tate.

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