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Instructor Trini Souljah Gives 5 Fitness Tips to Get in Shape Now For Miami Carnival

The countdown for Miami Carnival is on the way and that means you have 156 days to get your carnival body ready. Since May is National Physical Fitness Month, we caught up with Jeremiah Scott better known as Trini Souljah. He is the Founder of “Soak’ah Sweat” and he shared a few pointers on how to get fit for Miami Carnival weekend.

Soak’Ah Sweat is an Afro-Caribbean Fitness Party Experience which focuses on specific signature workouts called Body Pump, Socaerobics, waistline workout and strength exercises. The idea of Soak’ah Sweat came to be when Trini Souljah decided to be creative on the spot by combining dance and aerobic movements for the first time during one of his A1 Supreme Fitness “Fit2Fete” boot camps in 2016.

His main goal is to raise awareness in South Florida’s Caribbean community to live a healthy lifestyle and to stay physically active while having fun. The beauty of Soak’ ah Sweat is that it also allows the organizers to highlight Afro-Caribbean instructors and DJs during these events. Soak’ah Sweat was hosted in Atlanta and twice in New York. Trini Souljah plans to expand the workout series to other cities in the US by 2020.

Check out how Trini Souljah breaks down his Top Five Fitness tips to get ready for Miami Carnival 2019.

Trini Souljah


  • Set a realistic and attainable fitness goal.


  • Join a weekly Fitness session.
  • Home Workouts
  • Play your favorite sport.
  • GO HARD!


  • MORE WATER and Less alcohol–save it for Miami Carnival.


  • Find a nutrition plan that suits you.
  • Healthy meal prepping helps as well.


  • Friends that Soak’ah Sweat Together, Stays Together lol.
  • Find your favorite health/fitness page on social media.

Get to know Trini Souljah, who’s also a musician, drummer and producer. To connect with Trini Souljah email him at Follow him on Instagram @trini_souljah.

Miami Carnival will take place Sunday, October 13, 2019. Visit for more information. Follow @miabrowcarnival on Instagram.

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