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Sistrunk-A-Fair Creates New Lane for Black Artists in Broward County

Two art connoisseurs in Fort Lauderdale were tired of the lack of exposure and opportunities for black artists to be featured so they set out to create an event that will do just that. Emmanuel George and Al Huggins created the Sistrunk-A-Fair, a week-long event that will feature local black artists from Broward County and beyond. George said that art events are plentiful in Miami and West Palm, but not in Broward County, especially for Black Artist.

“We’re going to create a space for them here in Broward county,” said George. “Broward is behind in the cultural art experience.”

Produced by Art N Soul and C.R.E.A.T.E., events begin January 17th and run through January 26th. During this week-long event there will be numerous art events within the North West community of Fort Lauderdale. This will include exhibits, performances and films displaying the history of the black communities of Broward County.

The event will display the work of many local artists from various Broward County cities displaying their works of art from Fort Lauderdale, Pompano, Dania, Pearl City, and Hallandale. George said he wants this event to grow to rival Art Basel in Miami.

“We want to expand this county wide, mainly happening in Sistrunk,” Said George. “This will grow into an annual event.”

One of the main events that will take place is the “We Love Art too” exhibition curated by Art N Soul. This exhibit will highlight artists whom identify with the African diaspora— including African Americans, Afro Cubans, Caribbean and West Indians. The exhibition will house artists of color sharing their story through the art that they have created, on canvas, sculpture, or film.

The Sistrunk-A-Fair is creating a black art destination for buyers, collectors and spectators. During the Sistrunk-A-Fair a number of events will take place at various locations from the “The Art of Story Telling” giving the historians from various communities the opportunity tell people the history of Black Broward with an open dialog about the changes coming to Broward County’s black communities.

George, who grew up in Hollywood,  Fl, is excited about the possibilities the Sistrunk-A-Fair will present for the art Black Art Economy. “This is so important because we are creating a lane for black artists,” said George. “This will create a new wave of an appreciation for cultural art in Broward County.”

For more information on this event visit and you can get break down of event details by visiting eventbrite.

This article was written By Janéy Tate. You can follow her on Twitter @Janey_Tate

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