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9 Indicators That You’re About to Eat Some Good A** Food (Dade/Broward Edition)

By Janey Tate

South Florida is the home to some of the best Chefs and cooks in the Country, but unfortunately not everyone hits the mark. To save you some time and disappointment, we created a quick guide to how you can tell if a restaurant or food truck has really good food. (Sn: I’m sure you already know this, but this list is not to be taken seriously.)

Check out what indicators we feel show signs that you’re about to eat some good ass food.

1. They are selling food on a street corner with no permit.

2. They are fussing in the back while they prepare the food.

3. The wait time is an hour an a half because they say they “cook your food to order.”

4. They only take cash.

5. They are out of at least one item on the menu.

6. All the workers got ‘that stick’ on them.

7. All the customers have an attitude from waiting so long.

8. The cashier screams out your order when it’s done.

9. And the lady in the front fixing the food name is “Auntie.”

Shout out to all the people out there hustling to sell their food and live their dreams. We salute you! List in the comments some places you like to eat at in South Florida that has some good ass food.

Also, let us know in the comments which indicators we left off the list. #ChimeIn

Featured photo taken by Gary Tardiff. View more of his photos at www.culinaryphoto.com

4 comments on “9 Indicators That You’re About to Eat Some Good A** Food (Dade/Broward Edition)

  1. Kristen

    Lol! Very true!
    1. They do not take phone orders.
    2. They check your ID when you’re using a debit/credit card.

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  3. They high($$$) as Hell

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