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Tea & Scoop: Opa-locka City Hall Raided by FBI

FBI Removes Boxes of Files for Corruption Investigation


By: Janéy Tate (Hylonews@gmail.com)

The FBI removed files from the Opa-locka Municipal Complex while city employees were all locked in a room,  a source revealed to Hy-Lo News Thursday morning.

Traffic was diverted from the front of city hall as members of the FBI Miami Area Corruption Task Force hauled out dozens of file boxes. The FBI is calling this a public corruption case.

The raid began after 9 am. Around 9:45 a.m. we got the call about the raid and were the first to post about the news on social media. Check our tweet below.


According to WSVN 7, probable cause has not been released yet. But according to the streets,  people have always known something was fishy with the administration and the streets believe it stretches back for years.  The true victim here is the residents who have seen the growth and development of the city stunted by people who they elected into office.

To think that at their regular commission meeting yesterday, just the night before this raid, City Commissioner Timothy Holmes asked for a raise for the city clerk and city manager. The item was not approved as other commissioners said they couldn’t justify doing something like that with the city currently facing budget woes.

We will definitely keep our ear to the streets on this one for you guys. Check out the pictures below of the FBI checking for “receipts.”


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  1. maybe they should have gone with the raise

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