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Check out the events happening today at FIU’s Biscayne Bay Campus (Photo Gallery below)

Black Tech Week Final Flyer
Rather you’re into all things tech or not, Black Tech Week has something for you and it’s happening this week in Miami. Organizers encourage anyone who’s interested to come out and enjoy the conference– newcomers to professionals. Below is a breakdown of today’s schedule, which is filled with in depth panel discussions, Q&A’s and networking events. Everything today will be at FIU’s Biscayne Bay Campus, located at 3000 NE 151st St, North Miami, FL 33181, from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Be sure to log on to for more information on the week long events. Also take a look at the pics below from some of the events that have taken places so far.

February 18, 2016

10:14 am – 10:34 am: Saved By An Angel: Venture Capital funding vs Angel Investment and what is needed to attract them both without breaking the bank. Andrew Goldner – Teaching you how to raise angel and Venture Capital(VC) funding without busting the bank in attracting VC’s . Speaker: Andrew Goldner
10:35 a.m. – 10:45 am: Tech Posers: Stop looking sad because you majored in English and your friend did computer science! You can tap into this tech rush as well with insight from tech entrepreneur Birame N. Sock. Learn how to transcend from a wondering entrepreneur to a successful tech entrepreneur without all the regret and anxiety!
Speaker: Birame N. Sock
10:46 -10:56am – I’m Way Up, I Feel Blessed: How do you begin the process of scaling up and staying up with you venture or company? Speaker: Clarence Wooten
Description: How do you define and create scalable business processes while focusing fundraising efforts to sustain positive growth? With platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, fundraising is easier than ever, but many startups still fail. Join us to discuss how the right mix of people and functions are needed to scale from bootstraps to Angel Investments and Venture Capital funding. Clarence Wotten may not be celestial, but we sure think you’ll get your blessings at this session.
10:57 – 11:07 – You Fancy Now: The first step is complete. You received money for your venture, company, idea, or startup. Where do you go from here? Speaker: Marcus Carey
Description: Now it’s time to get serious. Be prepared to face an influx of competitors, some direct competes, anal investor reports, and a boat load of expectations. Marcus Carey works for the Silicon Valley Bank and is your worst nightmare! But today, he’s your sweet dream as he navigates you through, what at times can be a treacherous road in being a good steward of your new found funding.
11:08 – 11:28 – They Weren’t Ready: A triple teaming of successful entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley insiders empting their brains for you to feast on their knowledge……not their brains……..that would make you a zombie. Speaker: Birame Sock, Clarence Wooten, Marcus Carey.
Description: A panel of experienced tech professionals and entrepreneurs sharing their experiences and advice with the audience. This is an interactive session, so come with you questions ready to fire away!
11:29 – 11:59 – Prison to Wealth: With no answer in sight to the ills experienced from the prison industrial complex, technology is responding with innovative ideas, programs, and companies. Speaker: Frederick Hutson, Dr. Marvin Carr, Newton Sanon
Description: There is a tech rush occurring in the tech industry. An unlikely market has opened, bringing VCs, government agencies, entrepreneurs, civic coders and nonprofits to the table. Prison (or jail) tech is hot and looks to heat up. Frederick Hudson will share his experiences as a former prisoner to tech innovator and wealthy CEO.

12:00 – 1:00 p.m. – Lunch

1:06 – 1:35 pm –Afrofuturism and Today – using STEM to envision an alternative future for the black community. Moderator: Orchadia Mclean; Speaker: Damola Omotosho, Valerie Complex, Ytasha Womack.
Description: Help me Wikipedia! Afrofuturism is a term that emerged in the mid 90s, coined by cultural critic Mark Dery who affixed the term to the growing artistic movement and critiques that followed narratives of people of African descent in a sci-fi, futuristic treaty. Yeah, come here about this awesomeness!
1:36 – 2:06 pm. – Scale or Die: That’s the unfortunate truth behind so many starts and ventures. Jeff Hoffman breathes life in this session focusing on the keys to successfully scaling your business. Speaker: Jeff Hoffman
Description: Help me Wikipedia! Afrofuturism is a term that emerged in the mid 90s, coined by cultural critic Mark Dery who affixed the term to the growing artistic movement and critiques that followed narratives of people of African descent in a sci-fi, futuristic treaty. Yeah, come here about this awesomeness!
2:07 – 2:37 p.m. – Career Ending Decision: How to make the successful transition from traditional employment to entrepreneurship. Speaker: Michael M. Beal
Description: So you’re a government employee, teacher, or retail representative. You see yourself retiring or quitting your job to pursue that burning idea! What and how do you accomplish that without disaster? Once you take that step, how do you fund and sustain that idea? Michael Beal shows you how to plan for success in this interactive session.
2:38 – 2:48 p.m. – My POS System Is Alive: How to view your POS system as an employee through a plethora of functionalities including data collection, for better informed decisions and increased revenues. Speaker: Hartej Singh Sawhney
Description: The only way to continuously build and maintain a robust brand or promote your service/product, are personal relationships and interaction with your customer. POS systems are providing a wide selection of customer-touchpoints where vast amounts of data are generated. Using this data to create personalized products, services and content, and other functions will be the distinguishing core-competence in driving a successful business forward.
2:49 – 2:59 – Is Africa a Transformer: How technologies in Africa are disrupting business models and transforming what we think about the continent. Speaker: Viola Llewellyn
Description: The rapid growth of Africa’s economy presents a unique opportunity to go beyond the traditional business models to an innovative system more suited to ever-changing local, national and international markets. Interested in hearing how business in Africa is evolving creating unique responses to the challenges and opportunities? Stop by for a dose of ingenuity and progress.
3:00 – 3:10 – Timbuktu’s 21st Century Gold: Thought Bitcoin was a joke or some temporary attempt at reinventing currency? Guess again. Africa and Bitcoin have gotten married and it seems that Bitcoin is having a baby. Let throw them a baby shower by attend this engaging panel…. Speaker: Tristan Winters
Description: It’s no secret that the world is becoming smaller and more digital. Whole companies and processes are being transformed, from menus to maps—and the future of physical currency is not exempt. Tristan Wentors will share his thoughts on Bitcoin becoming the currency of the near future and how it can be financially advantageous to get in on the change with Africa.
3:11 – 3:21 – Data Is The Next Diva: How data will win Grammys and replace talent. Speaker: Jon Gosier
Description: Jon Gosier will navigate this exciting session on how the music industry will respond to the age of big data.
3:22 – 3:42 – Data is On Fleek: That’s right. Data is as large as your hatred for the phrase “On Fleek”. This session will investigate the important and transformational nature of today’s data through the brains of some of today’s data experts. Speaker: Michael M. Beal, Tristan Winters, Viola Llewellyn, Hartej Singh Sawhney, Jon Gosier
Description: A panel of experts will explore the way data affects our business models and what can be done to use it to your advantage.
4:00 – 4:30 –Billions of Reasons to Work in Asia: Asia has emerged as a primary fixture in the world’s economy. How can you, your business, and/or idea begin its Asian adventure to funding! Speaker: Moses Asom, Andrew Maywah
Description: A panel of experts will explore the way data affects our business models and what can be done to use it to your advantage.
4:41 – 5:01 How Can My Non-Tech Business Use Technology:  Integrating interdisciplinary technology approaches into non-tech ventures. Speaker: Dawn Dickson, Eunice Cofie
Description: Learn how to incorporate easy and simple technology solutions to your non tech business. Assisting entrepreneurs by exploring technologies initially outside of their comfort zones and respective disciplines for improved business practices and profits.
5:02 – 5:22 – You Serious or Nah: The seriousness of co-building business to meet the challenges of startups and their infancy within the tech and entrepreneurial world. Speaker: Nabyl Charania
Description: Hear from an experience Accelerator CEO on what opportunities exists in co-building your startup. Here stories of success, failure, and everything in between on the journey of entrepreneurial success and innovation.
5:23 – 5:43 – Keys to Success: A candid conversation with current or aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, and techies. Speakers: Evan Rose, Lisa Jones Johnson, Darian Hendricks.
Description: The red thread belief states we are all connected by an invisible red thread, that may stretch or tangle, but they will never break. This belief holds true for the individuals on this panel as they show how to overcome, overproduce and overachieve.
7:00 – 8:15 – Music, Sports, and Pop Culture: Stories of Success, Failure, and the Future of Black Entrepreneurial Innovation. Speakers: Giovanni Turner Esq, Dr. Valerie L. Patterson, Ted Lucas, Maurice Young.
Description: From #OscarsSoWhite, the meltdown of sports icons, to the devolution of hip hop, this spirited discussion will break down how today’s entertainment industry and technology is changing in respect to Black identity and success.


*Photos Courtesy Korey Davis and Harris Public Relations Firm*

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